My greatest interest is to try to raise the level of awareness and competence in the area of process safety within the Swedish society, by performing various types of training and lecturing and other consulting for the

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I want to assist in optimising the process of improving process safety "in the field", by always trying to find a reasonable and realistic balance between the requirements from the authorities and the ambition levels from the industry, gradually improving all the time.

A distinguishing-mark for myself is that I perform work equally often for the industry and for the authorities. Another is that my work covers a broad range of areas within SHE area, ranging from managerial and safety culture aspects to very detailed technical aspects in some cases.

By utilising my long industrial experience in various positions and by combining managerial and technical skills plus a sense for human behaviour and normal common sense I feel that I am listened to by company management, employees as well as by authority people.

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