Training and lecturing

I have extensive experience from the area of training of groups of people in various process safety topics.

I have independently or sometimes together with other people planned whole training programs, developed material for courses and lectured to a large extent within the Swedish universities:

- Planning of a series of lectures, writing a compendium and giving all the lectures in a course in Process Safety, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, 2 weeks effectively, 1984/85

- Assistance in planning a course in Process Safety and Risk Management at the University of Karlstad, 4 weeks effectively, 1990. Lectured extensively for some years in the course.

- Assistance in planning a course in Risk Analysis at the Chalmers University in Gothenburg, 4 weeks effectively, 1990. Lectured extensively for some years in the course.

Within the industry I have given many courses during the years

- Methods of risk analysis (often 2-day-courses, run several times) for several companies such as EKA Chemicals, AstraZeneca, Akzo Nobel, Casco Products, Pharmacia&Upjohn, Borealis, Hydro Polymers, Kemira.)

- Longer courses in risk assessment with methods of risk identification, consequence calculations etc, both for Swedish companies and for companies in India, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela.

For Swedish authorities I have given training, e.g.

- Environmental courts (Seveso II and safety reports)

- Swedish Rescue Services Agency "Seveso II applications"


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