Reference list

Client Type of industry Type of work
Perstorp AB, Perstorp Chemicals
  • Risk analyses of various plants
Akzo Nobel, Holland Chemicals
  • Part in Corporate team for auditing Swedish sites
EKA Chemicals in
South America
  • Courses on risk analysis, SHE audits
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Process safety jobs on a continuos basis
Trelleborg Industry AB Rubber Industry
  • SHE management system for certification.of ISO14001 and EMAS
  • Audits
  • Risk analyses
Borealis AB Chemicals and Plastics
  • SHE/safety audits
  • Courses in risk analyses
Volvo Lastvagnar AB, Skövde Automotives
  • Quantitative risk and consequence analysis for ammonia handling
  • Other risk analyses
  • Risk analysis of ammonia systems
Chemrec, Karlstad Pulp & paper
  • Risk analysis of black liquor gasification plant
Astra Hässle AB, Mölndal Pharmaceuticals R&D
  • Risk analysis of various installations
  • Safety audit.
Casco Nobel AB Phenolic resins
  • Risk analysis courses
  • Risk analysis of resin plant
  • Safety audits
Nordic Synthesis AB, Karlskoga Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Safety audits
  • Risk analyses
Norac Andos AB, Köpmanholmen Organic peroxides
  • Risk analyses
Stora - various sites Pulp & paper
  • Risk analyses
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry Chemicals
  • Risk analyses etc
Karlskoga Kraftvärme, Karlskoga. Energy production
  • Risk analyses -ammonia and LPG installations
MetalChem Torun, Poland Polyester goods
  • Safety health environment audit of the production site
Kemetyl AB, Stockholm Solvents
  • Risk and consequence analyses of various installations
Eka Nobel AB, Bohus Inorganic chemicals
  • Risk analyses
  • General course in process safety
  • SHE audits
ÅF-IPK, Stockholm Consultants
  • Training of EPTRI (India) personnel in consequence analysis
  • Courses in risk analysis in India
Karlshamns & Exab, Karlshamn Chemicals
  • Hazop and safety audit
Nynäs Petroleum AB Refining
  • Safety and health audits of five Nynäs refineries (2 times)
Iggesund AB, Iggesund Pulp & paper
  • Risk analysis of chlorine dioxide plant
Chemical Industry Association Chemical trade organisation
  • Development of SHE management system
  • Development of SHE audit system with performance guide
  • Guidelines for safety reports.
ODAB, Stockholm Petroleum products distribution
  • Risk and consequence analysis of petrol and oil depot
Swedish Rescue Services Agency Authority
  • Various consultations
Nefco, Helsinki Bank
  • Environmental audit of Polish polyester plastics manufacturer
Neste Chemicals, Helsinki Various chemicals
  • SHE/safety audits of 30 sites
  • Quantitative risk analysis
AD Little, Cambridge, UK Consultant
  • Part of SHE audit team (safety specialist) of Berol Nobel Site
Bofors Explosives, Karlskoga Explosives
  • Safety audit. Risk analyses.
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Authority
  • Assessment of status of Swedish tank installations with recommendations
Hydro Polymers Petrochemicals
  • SHE audits
  • QRA
  • Risk analysis courses.
OECD Intergovernmental organisation
  • Development of Safety Performance Indicators


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