Typical jobs in the SHE area

Some of the jobs can be mentioned here to get a somewhat clearer picture of the types of jobs.

Area: Development of SHE management system

  • Author of the EPSC publication "Safety Health Environment Management Systems for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises".
  • Developed the structure and the majority of the procedures in several company SHE management systems.
Area: Development of auditing tools
  • Main author of the publication "SHE Audit - A guideline for auditing of Safety/Health/Environment" (Association of Swedish Chemical Industries)
  • Borealis AB, An auditing tool for Safety/Health/Environment.

Area: Performance of audits

  • I have participated in some 90 audits, normally as audit leader and writer of audit reports (in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal, UK, Poland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile.)
Area: Risk identification/analysis, general
  • During the years I have performed a large number of risk assessments. Methods used have been: Preliminary Hazard Analysis, What-if, Hazop, Human Error Analysis, FMEA. In most cases I have been the chairman of the analysis group, and in most cases also the writer of the report.
  • I have also worked with Fault Tree Analyses and Event Tree Analyses, e.g. for chemical reactor safety in batch operation.
Area: Quantitative Risk Analysis, e.g. for Land Use Planning
  • SAFETY STUDY - STENUNGSUND, A quantitative analysis of the risks for the Stenungsund community from the handling of chemicals at the industrial sites and in connection with railroad, road and sea transports. (Extensive study ordered by the Community)
  • Two studies for the city of Enköping regarding
    • RISK ANALYSIS - LPG, A quantitative analysis of the risks of the handling of LPG with special regard to building a new housing area "Hamnstaden".
    • A quantitative analyses of the risks of the handling of LPG at the Statoil terminal, regarding the planned new houses in the "Herrgården"-area.
  • Volvo Powertrain, Skövde, regarding ammonia.
  • EKA Chemicals, Bohus regarding chlorine and LPG.
  • Akzo Nobel, Skoghall (chlorine), Kvarntorp (chlorine), Falun (sulphur dioxide) etc.
  • Area: Safety reports

  • I have produced a number of safety reports for Swedish companies according to the Swedish Seveso II legislation.
Area: General consequence analysis
  • I have performed many consequence calculations and assessments for industries and communities, regarding releases and dispersion, toxic, heat radiation and explosion effects etc.

Area: Design and Engineering

  • I have performed many jobs within the following areas - Reactivity risks
    • Equipment selection and specifications
    • Lay-out/spacing

Area: Emergency planning

  • I have worked out some emergency plans for some industries.
Area: Incident reporting systems
  • I have developed a system for incident reporting and handling.
  • I have also made an extensive survey for the Swedish Rescue Services Agency regarding the status of "Incident reporting/handling within the Swedish industry in general, in Swedish communities and the county council organisations (hospitals)".

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